Too good to be true? Here’s what our tenants are saying:

— “We love our new home!”

— “I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my kids and are very grateful to have found such great landlords. If it wasn’t for my [situation], I would not be leaving as I’ve enjoyed my stay here and found it to be a very safe place to live and really enjoyed getting to know my neighbors.”
— “Thank you so much for a wonderful living experience at your property. It’s a great place!”
— “My brother wants to rent from you.  Do you have any openings?”
— “You guys are awesome!”
— “The place looks great and we are SOO excited about our new home. Thank you!”
— “We’re staying right here!  This is the first place we’ve lived where it feels like home.”
— “I loved my place!  If I could have taken my apartment with me [when I moved across the country] I would have.”
— “Yes, I will rent from you again.  In fact, we may be moving to Denver – I can’t wait to see your places there.”
— “I love it here.  I’ll stay until I die – I’m not moving!”
— “I am super excited and relieved to finally find a place that feels like home.”
— “We’ve very much enjoyed living in your housing, as you’ve been very understanding, helpful and prompt; we appreciate it.”


I can help you BUY & SELL your home, too!

— Love this girl – so pleasant to work with!!

Mary helped us sell our home. She gave input on pricing, staging, and timing. Calls and questions were answered. Open houses were upped with wine and cheese and advertised locally. Most importantly she maintained excellent communication with the potential buyer’s agents – answering and helping to resolve any questions or concerns relating to the property (which resulted in a sale). She stood strong when it came time for negotiations the week of closing. Even after we sold the home she continued to help us communicate with the new homeowners so they could have a positive experience as well.

Mary also helped us purchase a home. She addressed all concerns we had with the selling agent (builder’s agent) regarding having our home built to spec. She maintained excellent communication on this deal too. She visited us after we moved in with an amazing gift basket and lunch out. Love this girl – so pleasant to work with!!

— Jeff & Sally


She went the “extra mile” for us.

— Larry & Marianne